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How to Secure Your Amazon Account?

Your Amazon account contains your personal information (from credit card, debit card to your address etc.).

In such a situation, you must know how to secure your Amazon account? So that no one can tamper with your personal information and your Amazon account is safe. So let's know how to secure your Amazon Account?

In view of today's increasing cybercrime , you should increase the security of your Amazon accounts so that no one can access your Amazon account without your permission.

Here I am going to tell you some ways to secure your Amazon account, with the help of which you can completely secure your Amazon account.

How to keep your Amazon account safe?

First of all, let us tell you that Amazon should not share the login details of any of your online accounts with anyone.

Here are some ways with which you can increase the security of your Amazon account.

1. Use Two-Step Verification -

Two-Step Verification is the best way to increase the security of any account. You can secure your account by enabling Two-Step Authentication in Amazon Account.

How to apply Two-Step Verification in Amazon Account?

  • First you login to your Amazon account.

  • After that you have to click on the Account option in the Menu Bar.

  • Within the account page, you have to choose the login and security option.

  • If you have created your account by email, then you have to first add your mobile number to the mobile phone number option.

  • The 2-step verification (2SV) setting has to be clicked on the Make Changes option.

  • After that the Advanced Security Settings page will appear in which you have to select the Start option.

  • Now choose the ways to get your code, in this you have to choose one of both the voice delivery call via SMS and choose the option to proceed by putting the existing mobile number with you.

  • Now an OTP number will be received on your mobile number through SMS or call, enter that OTP code.

In this way, you can secure your Amazon account by applying two-step verification. Now whenever someone tries to login to your Amazon account, they will need OTP Code, which will only come on your mobile number.

And for any reason you have to disable Two-Step Verification, then you have to go to Two-Step Verification page and choose Disable Option.

2. Use Strong Password -

You should use a strong password for your amazon account, which is difficult to guess and no one can access it easily.

Amazon advises its customers to change the password in about 90 days. You must also change your password once in 2-3 months.

Also, no one should ever tell their password and should use App Lock on Amazon App for better security in their mobile phone, it is beneficial in case of loss of your phone.

How to choose Strong Password?

  • Never choose your Username, Mobile Number and Date of Birth as a password.

  • Often such passwords are very weak in terms of security and it is also easy to guess these passwords.

  • Password length must be at least 6-8 characters or more.

  • Use the Mix Character to select a strong password. For example Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Non-Alphanumeric Symbols etc.

Choosing a password is very important from the security point of view, many people use a simple password, this is the biggest reason for the account being hacked.

3. Avoid Fake Phishing Site -

There are many such sites on the internet which have been copied to the design of that site and whenever a person visits and logs on to that site, your password and username goes to the hacker via email.

That is why you have to take care of this thing that you are not submitting your personal details on any third party site. For this, whenever you give a link, first check the URL in it.

If you see green color lock and https: // in it, then otherwise that site is not secure and check the full link also. If you are seeing Amazon.in then it is okay if it is a fake site.

4. Disable 1-click Ordering in Mobile Device -

With Amazon, it is like a gray area. This is not really a security issue but if you have an Amazon app on your phone or tablet then ordering this 1-click can be a problem.

Because if your phone is lost or stolen then anyone can misuse it. If you use it often, you can skip it, but usually you should keep it off.

  • To disable 1-click order on the mobile app, open the menu and select "Your account".

  • From here, tap on "1-click settings".

  • Now there will be a simple toggle at the top, disable it.

Now after receiving your phone, nobody will be able to order anything by taking advantage of 1-click ordering.

Conclusion how to protect your Amazon Account -

You have been told in full detail about how to secure Amazon Account, along with tips to protect your password.

If you follow these steps in a better way, then you can easily keep your Amazon account secure by using these 4 tips.

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