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What are super spreaders, how does the corona virus spread through them?

The number of cases of coronavirus infected in India is increasing day by day, in this case, it is coming to light that why this is happening? Despite the complete lock-down in the country, the number of patients continuously increasing is a matter of great sadness and concern for the country, in such a situation, it comes to light that all this is happening only due to super spreaders. Super Spreaders You may have heard this name for the first time, but this is the reason why a large number of epidemics spread among hundreds of people in a few moments. Today we will inform you about the name of Super Spreaders, what happens after this and what is their contribution in spreading the epidemic?

How coronavirus is transmitted by Super Spreaders?

Who are super spreaders ? How coronavirus is transmitted by Super Spreaders?

If we speak in normal language, then the person who has become infected with an infection and if there are 3 members in his family, then he takes the infection in his possession. In such a situation, that person will be called a normal spreader. A spreader in scientific language referred to as R0-R not. If an infected person gave infection to three people, it would be addressed with R3. If an infected person infects only two or three persons then it is called a normal spreader. But when an infected person can infect several thousand and hundreds of people, they are named in the same way - like R100 or R1000. Many such cases have been seen during coronavirus-like epidemics, which we are going to describe through this post. The social distancing formula has been adopted only to reduce the number of R-NOT so that one infected person cannot infect another healthy person.

Why does a healthy person become a super spreader ?

  Now the question comes, how can super spreaders finally spread so much infection? Do they have any magic power?

  • So, if we talk about magic power, then it is not in any human being. But yes the speed of infection brought by them depends on the way they meet people and their daily routine.

  • The second reason is that when some people get infected, they do not know about their infection in the initial stages, due to which they move and work among people according to their normal routine, due to which They pass on their infection to other vulnerable people.

  • The third biggest reason is that some people have very good immunity power, they do not get sick quickly even after getting infected, due to which they do not know that they have been infected with the infection. However, their infection goes on very quickly in people with low immunity power, due to which that person quickly transmits his infection to other healthy people without being detected.

  • There is also a reason that some people live in very crowded place, in such a large number of virus attacks on them. This means that a lot of viruses are typed on them simultaneously, due to which they do not fall ill, but their virus goes into other humans very quickly. In such a situation, his red as well as his urine excretion also prove to be harmful for a healthy person.

Rule of super spreaders

According to experts, the rule of super spreaders works on the figures of 80/20. Even if seen in small form, this rule can also be seen as 20/80. This whole rule depends on the crowd of people. If we talk about this rule in simple terms, then we can say that 20 people got infected by a disease and they infected 80 people, this is a simple super spreaders rule. It is said not only in the case of corona virus but in case of each type of epidemic that some 10 to 15 people get infected, due to which hundreds of people can reach the stage of infection.

Why is it necessary to identify super spreaders ?

Often this happens when a disease starts spreading, when one or two people suffer from it, but gradually when the count reaches thousands after 10 to fifteen and fifteen to hundreds then a common spreader is in such a situation. It is very important to identify. The person who does not know about his disease, he works according to the normal routine, afflicts hundreds of people before it can prevent the effect of this infection from growing if we identify super spreaders beforehand. If done, this infection can be prevented from spreading. There have been many such super spreaders cases all over the world, of which we will tell you about this famous case in this post.

Some super spreaders found during corona virus : -

We are going to tell you here some of the biggest and most famous examples of super spreaders are being seen since the time of their history.

  • Historical Case : - The oldest and largest case was of Typhoid Mary which ran from 1859 to 1938. A woman named Hari, who lived in the United States, used to work as a cook and the person of the house where she used to go to cook also fell ill. In such a situation, she was associated with many houses, but due to typhoid, she never fell ill nor did she feel any type of symptom of typhoid. In such a situation, she continued to work according to her time and spread typhoid disease among people. When the experts investigated, a common link between everyone was found and Mary was immediately isolated after examining it. From 1900 to 1907 Mary Mellon had typhoid virus in her blood, but she was not aware of it. After that, when he was isolated, he had to stay in that hospital for his whole life, for almost 30 years Mary Mellen lived in that hospital and lived in isolation ward. After this, Mary Mellon's name was recorded in Super Spreaders. Although this case is 100 years old, but it is known that the biggest and famous till date.

  • One such famous one happened in South Korea named Patient 31. This is not an old case. It is a famous super spreader of the recent coronavirus-like epidemic named Patient 31. According to the data, till February 18, not a single person in South Korea was infected with coronavirus. Suddenly two or three people were found to be infected with coronavirus on the day of 19 February and then a staggering figure came out on 20 February when the number of people infected with coronavirus increased to 30. And within few days that number has crossed the hundreds. When the experts investigated it, it was revealed that a person named Shinchenji had returned to Wuhan city in the church located at Daegu and he came among many people in the church after which he infected about 51 people. He was instructed by the government to stay in Quarantine but he continued his routine by not accepting Quarantine, due to which the number of patients in South Korea increased.

  • The next and largest proved to be the Super Spreaders, a man working in Kitzloch, a resort town in central Europe. This is a very famous sking resort where a lot of people come to enjoy sking in the winter season every year. Mostly people from many countries come here to enjoy sking. A 36-year-old man working in this resort was infected with coronavirus but he was not even aware of this. He used to work in this resort as a bartender, who used to come in contact with hundreds of people every day. Thousands of people were found infected in several countries including Germany, Iceland, Norway and Denmark due to the bartender working in this resort. When 1400 were found infected in Denmark in the initial phase, 298 of them were those who visited that result in Austria. All those people were infected due to that bartender. In addition to that 300 bartenders in Germany were infected. In Norway, 549 cases out of 1742 were related to the Austrian restaurant which suffered from infection. So if you talk about Super Spider, then once the tender made more than 1100 people a victim of his infection, even though he was not aware of his infection. When the rest of the countries came to know that the virus in their country has come from Central Austria, they asked the Austrian government to find the suspect in their country, then they replied that this is our best time to earn, we stop anything at this time can not do. Those resorts were not closed at all till 10 March, after which everything was completely closed on 13 March and the resort was quarantined.

  • There was a similar coronavirus in Jammu and Kashmir of India which infected many people. The person went through several parts of India like Uttar Pradesh to Delhi and UP and then reached Jammu and Kashmir. Because of which that person had infected many people.

  • One of the most considered super spreaders of the present time was seen in Punjab in which the lives of about 40,000 people were put at risk. He was a 70-year-old man who had recently visited Italy and Germany and returned to his native Punjab. He was a religious and honorable teacher, due to which many people used to come to meet him. The government advised him to stay in Quarantine as soon as he came to know about his foreign travels, but he continued his routine by breaking his Quarantine and violating government rules. On his return from a foreign trip, that person had also gone to a very large gathering in which a lot of people had come. Because of that person, 20 villages of Punjab have been completely quarantined because after the death of that person it was found out that he was infected with coronavirus. As long as he was alive, he did not have any symptoms of coronavirus infection, due to which he was not investigated and he continued to meet people due to which many people are expected to spread the infection. After that 40,000 people living in 20 villages were completely quarantined in their house. Later, when his relatives were examined, 19 people from his family were found infected with corona. This proved to be a huge super spreader for the country of India, which locked 40000 people in their house, if it would have accepted the government and quarantined itself in time, it would not have happened today.

  • In Bhilwara too, due to the negligence of some doctors and nurses, many people were infected with coronavirus in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan.

How does a person become a super spreader ?

Many theories have been presented by experts on the following, which are: -

  • Researchers say that the immunity power of some individuals is not very good, due to which they spread the virus very quickly instead of taking it inside themselves.

  • The immunity power of some people is so good that even if the virus attacks them, they do not show any symptoms of disease, they remain like a healthy person and in such a situation, they continue to infect many people. can do.

  • There can be many options to become a super spreader, some of which have been told to the crowded areas. If a person gets infected and he does not know, then he does not take care of himself, due to which he goes on infecting other people as well.

  • After being infected, if a person touches some public objects continuously, when the other person touches those objects, then the virus also enters them immediately.

  • Even during the initial phase, an infected person has the power to infect many individuals. In such a situation, he does not recognize the symptoms of that disease, due to which he continues to infect other people as well.

This is the biggest reason that the government of India is constantly pleading with the people of India to maintain social distancing. Because Kovid-19 is a virus whose symptoms are not visible in the beginning but the infection spreads very quickly. The situation of Lok Down in India shows that the government is cautious, so it is very important for the public to be vigilant so that more cases of Kovid-19 do not increase in India. Even during India's Lok Down, a very large gathering of 1500 people was convened in Nizamuddin's dargah on Monday, which included 250 foreigners. Out of which 300 people were isolated after seeing symptoms like fever, cough, cold and the entire area of ​​Nizamuddin has been quarantined. They did not think about the country at all, if every person present there gets an infection, then what will happen to the whole country after that.

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