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What does quarantine mean, how to quarantine yourself at home.

Due to corona virus infection, people are being locked in their house. and our government and doctors also suggest for stay in your home and quarantine yourself.

 In such a situation, some people are advised not to stay in their house, which is called Quarantine. But what is quarantine, let's discuss it in detail…

What is quarantine ?

Many people of India go abroad for studies and some for jobs. In such a situation, since Coronavirus has started ravaging its havoc all over the world, since then all Indians have left immediately to return to India. And the entry of Coronavirus in India has been done only by those Indian people. 

Initially, he did not pay attention to this, but as the government gradually became cautious, he advised people coming from abroad to stay in their house for the protection of the country, which is called Quarantine. 

In such a situation, they stay at their home and their family members are also advised to stay away from them because they have come from abroad and this infection has also come from abroad. In such a situation the family members of that person need to be vigilant and at the same time a quarantine template is placed outside their house to alert the people in their neighborhood.

In such a situation, there is no effect on the work of the person, he can also work from home and if he is not in working condition then he will be provided his monthly salary by his company. If we talk briefly, the true meaning of quarantine is to keep a suspicious and infected person at a distance of 6 feet from a healthy person.

How to quarantine yourself at home ?

In the rapid spread of this epidemic, the country's medical facility has also reduced. If you feel that you are experiencing the symptoms associated with corona virus, then you can quarantine yourself at home. Let's know how you can quarantine yourself in a suspicious situation: -

  • First of all, you should choose a room which is airy and also has the facility of defecation etc.

  • If more than one person is found in suspicious condition in the house, then both of you can stay in one room but it is necessary to have a distance of at least more than 1 meter between the two of you.

  • If you find the symptoms of corona virus on your own, then try to stay away from children, elderly and pregnant women to a large extent in your home.

  • If you feel even a small doubt of corona infection, then do not attend any kind of public function happening around you, like wedding or party.

  • Quarantine yourself for about 14 days and do not meet anyone.

  • Keep washing your hands with soap or sanitizer continuously and try using hand sanitizer containing alcohol.

  • Take care of the items which are being used in your food and care, wash them in a clean manner daily and do not let anyone else use those items.

  • Stay away from public goods (which are used by everyone) and do not touch them at all.

  • Keep the surgical mask on continuously and change after every 6 to 8 hours and destroy the used mask thoroughly.

Who can make themselves home quarantine ?

If you talk about those people who should do home quarantine themselves, they should be advised to quarantine themselves as soon as they see the following symptoms.

  • Cold, cough, cold or fever

  • Stiffness in body

  • Feeling like diarrhea or vomiting

  • Feeling dizzy or weak

  • Shortness of breath

What is the difference between isolation and quarantine ?

Isolation is done to the person who gets infected with corona virus and the infection is confirmed by a doctor. During isolation, they are given complete facilities, care is taken of them and at the same time the process of healing them by giving all kinds of medicines is followed for 14 days. Isolation wards are in a secluded place away from home.

Quarantine is done to those who have come to some kind of foreign travel or have come in contact with an infected person. During quarantine, the suspected person is also kept in care for 14 days and along with that necessary treatment and medicines are given with the advice of the doctor. To be quarantine a person can also choose a room in his house so that he can stay away from healthy people.

If you have a small doubt and if it is not treated at the right time, it can prove to be very harmful for your family and your neighborhood. In such a situation, during minor problems, either show yourself to the doctor or quarantine yourself at home. Following the instructions of Prime Minister Modi ji stayed inside his house so that we can win a fierce battle like coronavirus through social distancing.

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