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what is instagram reels? and How to use ?

Hello friends today we will talk about what is instagram reels? And how does this feature work? You will all know that instagram, as announced after tik tok ban, will soon launch a new feature which has now been done.

As soon as instagram has launched this feature, people have started making videos all over it.

So let us now know what is Instagram Reels and how can we use it and how can we get feature of instagram reels to our Instagram account.


what is instagram reels


What is instagram reels?

After being tik tok ban, many short video apps have come to the Play store and this is why instagram has also launched a new short video feature instagram reels.

Right now when you are opening instagram, you will also have a video in front of you, under which reels will be written.

And when you are going in search, the videos you are getting to see there will be the biggest reel videos on the top.

With the help of this feature you can do the same here as you used to do video shoot on tik tok and you can also apply songs and effects on it.

The Instagram Reels feature is similar to TikTok, with the help of this feature, users will be able to create a 15-second video similar to TikTok.

Through this new Instagram feature, users can share videos, shoots, filters and music by creating videos linked to the Instagram catalog.

India is the fourth country after Brazil, Germany and France to start testing this feature of Instagram. And people have started making videos on it as well.

Right now the Reach of instagram reels video has been growing very fast compared to ig tv and views on it are also growing very fast.

This is a good opportunity for new creators to grow because right now this feature is new and not many people are aware of its future.


What is instagram reels app?

A lot of people are still confused because they feel that Instagram has launched a new app which is named as Instagram reel aap.

And people are going to the play store and searching on google by searching instagram reels apk download or instagram reels app download.

While instagram has not launched any such app, it is just a feature that is in your instagram's app.

From where you enter the story, go live and create boomerang. At the same place, a new feature has been added in the name of Reels.


How to enable the option of Instagram Reels?

If you have not yet had the option of Reels in your instagram profile, then there is no problem.

For this you have to first update your instagram, for this you can go to the play store and update it in your Insta app.

And after that when you go to the story section, you will find this option in the right side.

And with the help of this, you can shoot a 15-second video or you can also put a 15-second video from your gallery.

This option will show in your frofile only when you make a video and upload it if you have already uploaded an IG TV video.

So the option of reels in reels videos will be shown in the right side of Ig Tv and in the left before Taged.


How to use Instagram Reels feature?

To create a video in Instagram Reels, first you have to open the simple Insta and swipe the left side towards the right side.

Meaning where you go to the story and make Boomerang, at the same place you will get the option of Reels in the right of the story, something like this which is in the picture below.

After clicking on it, you will see four option icons in front of you, because so many options have come in it so far.

In which the first option is of sound, from here you can apply any song or sound effects.

And the other option is speed control with which you can control the speed of the video.

And by going to the third option, you can use the effects in the video.

And at the end put a shoot timer that you can pause the video in between.

To shoot a video, you have to press the button for 15 second like boomerang.

If you are shooting a video using the timer, then you will not have to press and hold the button.

Maybe in future instagram will give these option big and you will get to see many different options.


What is the difference between Instagram Reels Vs Tik tok and which is better?

If we talk about the difference between reels and tik tok, then the entire app of tik tok was only for short video shoot.

After which the Indian government has now banned, many apps have come to replace tik tok on the play store.

Due to this, Instagram also launched a feature called reels which is just a feature.

If we talk about better then it will be difficult to tell because tik tok was also very popular and instagram is very popular.

But we can say that tik tok had many options for video effects and video editing but not in insta reels.

But it is possible that in the coming time, many options can be given big in Insta reels too.

So which one is better to tell now, it will be difficult what do you think you can tell in your comment.


What is instagram reels?

I hope you have understood what the Insta reels are and how to use it and what are the features in it.

If you liked this post, then share it with other people also so that they too can get to know about this new insta reels feature.

And they can also know how to use it and how to upload by video shoot.

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