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What is a search engine, How do they work, Which is the best?

There are many questions in our mind that we are very eager to answer, but there is no place where we can easily get answers to all those questions. All these problems were resolved and then the Internet search.

The Internet solved the problems, but even after that there were some problems like how to get the answer to any question easily.

Some time later a new invention was invented as a search engine to solve this problem. So let's know how the search engine was discovered and what is the search engine and how does it work?


What is a search engine ?


What is a search engine ?

Search engine is a software that is run by the Internet and where we can search for any type of information.

Search engine offers us many options according to what we want to find or find, among which we find the best one, we finish our search by going to the same answer and all our search related Information is easily available.

Some of the main popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN. We use the search engine as a type of key in which we can get detailed answers to each of our questions.

With the help of which you can easily answer any question that arises in your mind by sitting in the corner of any world.

Search Engine History -

In today's time, there are so many questions, but if we talk about where we can get the answer, the name of the search engine comes first.

Talking about the 90s, at that time there were no facilities like internet and search engine.

During college days, many projects are given to students for their knowledge and understanding, some similar project was given to those students studying in college who invented search engine in the name of this project. Inserted. His name was Ellen Amtge.

Yes, he invented the search engine due to a collage project.

Type of search engine -

Earlier, the search engine did not have much features but only the file transfer protocol was used. All the servers connected to it had to be connected and find a new data.

At that time, connecting to the World Wide Web Internet was the only way by which new discoveries and any kind of information could be obtained. Through him neither the work was easy nor to find any web server and files.

But when the search engine was invented, all these things gradually became easier. So let's know how to become a search engine and they came into vogue.

  1. Excite : - Excide was created in 1993. But it took a full 1 year to make it public. So in the year 1994 Exide was publicly declared as a company. At that time it had become the most regarded brand on the Internet. This engine was also built like a college project by some college students, who later took the form of a crawling search engine in 1995.

  2. Yahoo : - You must have heard the name of Yahoo generally and you must have used it in everyday activities. Yahoo was born in 1994, 2 of its students were graduate students of electric engineering. His names were Jerry Yang and David Filio. com domain was fully publicly registered on January 18 of 1995. Yahoo is considered the largest and important domain in today's time. With the help of this domain, we can easily use the directory Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Group, Yahoo Answers, Advertising, Online Mapping, Video Sharing, Fantasy Sports and its many social media websites to do any kind of connected search. Can do for According to 2016 data, the Yahoo media website is seen as the number six website globally, revealing over 7 billion views per month.

  3. WebCrawler : - Web crawler was also a search engine which was created on 20 April in 1994. Whenever we have to find anything on big search engines like Google and Yahoo, web crawler is very helpful in that. The web crawler starts with a list of many URLs, called its origin. They find the hyperlink to be searched for and present all the URLs related to it. This entire process is called the crawl frontier. This search engine has been designed in such a way that if a person searches illegal resources on it, then he automatically turns off his data.

  4. Lycos : - Lycos was also born from a college named Carnegie Mellon University. Till 1994, the search engine was in a limited form, but with the help of Lycos, its features like email benefits, hosting, social networking and entertainment were also born. During the year 2006, Lycos acquired full ownership of Lycoast Red Mark by Carnegie Milne University. In 2006, many more services were launched by Lycos under this search engine. They also made a phone connected to it, which could run many applications like video chat MP3 player. Mobile like Lycos Mix focused more on social network and location based services and for that its corporate was re-formed.

  5. Infoseek : - Infoseek is also one of the popular engines, which started in 1994 itself. Its inventor, Steve Kirch, operated Infosec Corporation. It is also known as Pay for News. Many of its services were discontinued in 1994, but were later relaunched in 1995 under the name Infoseek. On 11 June 1996, Infoseek started trading publicly on the net desk at ₹ 12 per share. But by September 1997, Infoseek started trading at 3 million per month. Very soon this website made its name and it was recognized at number seven, but in 1996 it soon reached number five. Unfortunately in 1998 it was ranked tenth.

  6. AltaVista : - The most commonly used search engine was Altavista, which was discovered in 1995. Sometime later in the year 2003, Yahoo acquired its dominance over this search engine. Altavista retained the rights to the brand and services even after purchase by Yahoo. It was publicly announced as digital.com on the 15th of the last month of 1995, which was fully launched as an internet search engine. Altavista also provided a free email service, which was discontinued on 31 March 2002. At the time of its closure, it had about 4 lakh registered email accounts and out of which 2 lakh email accounts were operational.

  7. Inktomi : - It is also a search engine that was invented by 1 student and a professor in a university. The student and professor who discovered this search engine were UC Berkeley professors Eric Brewer and Paul Gauthier.

  8. Ask.com ( com ) : Ask.com has its answer hidden in its name, which means if you want to find the answer to any question, then go to this search engine. It was invented by 2 people together named Garrett Grinder War David Worthen California. In the year 2007, ask.com's 3D new look was launched. But in the year 2010, 130 engineers working in it quit. The insolvency of this company went out because it was not easy to get the tick of this company in front of big search engines like Google.

  9. Google : - In today's time, everyone knows the name of Google. Today it has become a trillion company. It was also invented by two PhD students. The people searching for this engine were Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both of whom studied at a college in Stanford University California. Who invented Google only to complete the college project. The Google searched by him is on everybody's tongue, due to which he is today number one in the list of search engines. There is no limit to the list of search engines on Google, which includes any kind of news, product, YouTube, photos, Google Translate, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar and many more things which are today Are found in every Android phone. With the help of this, all the personal information of the phone can be kept completely safe and it is being used by connecting it with all types of applications. According to an estimated figure, when Google's prices were estimated, the figures of people using Google shook.

How does the search engine work ?

In earlier times there was no internet but after the invention of internet, many problems related to human life started to go away. At that time it was not used as much as it has been used since the invention of search engines.

As soon as the search engine was invented, after that more than half of the work of the people depended on the search engine. Let us know in detail how the search engine works

Mainly search engine works in 3 processes. Let's know in detail these three processes -

  • Crawling : - Crawling is a place where data of each website is collected. Crawling is the task of scanning a website linked to any of the questions we put in and collecting a complete description about each page to include a space. Apart from this, he shows the title picture keyword and other links related to our question on the page presented. If we already have a link, it helps us the most to reach that link. He also explains where you should now go beyond this and where you can get the right answers related to your question.

  • Indexing : - Indexing collects all the answers to the queries we search and creates a database in which all types of information are given in detail. Just as a library contains all types of books, indexing also works while crawling. Thousands of website drives can be assembled and displayed through indexing.

  • Retrieval and ranking: - With the help of retrieval and ranking, we can easily find anything through search engines. We can give the right answer to our questions only, who have all the answers to our questions, only then we can easily believe that thing. By entering just a small word on the search engine, you get the answer to the whole question. On the search engine, there is a lot of content, keywords and content pages and titles that help us find them easily. The second way is ranking with which we can easily get answers to questions related to any word or sentence on any page of Google.

In the early times, when the Internet was invented, people did not know of any proper source of obtaining important information. The invention of the search engine has given the entire universe a different and expanded form. In which they can easily get information about every thing in the universe about which they have heard only in stories. While search engines on one hand give information to people, on the other hand, search engine makers give people a chance to connect with a big engineer and at the same time search engines have become an easy way to get a good income.

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