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Know how to create free Google Virtual People Card? add your name inGoogle search.

When someone meets us for the first time in connection with business or work, he shares a business visiting card to share his personal information from the front,

in that card that person's name, company name, phone-mobile number, Contains information like email id, website, address etc. People keep this card and then use it if needed. 

This method is now outdated, because in today's time every work is done online, people meet each other online, so it is not possible to share visiting cards. 

To give people a new online user experience from the world's largest search engine Google has launched a new virtual visiting card, which is also being called "People Card". 

People can share this virtual visiting card online, and if you want, your information can also come in online search. Now people can get their visiting card made online in Google. 

Let us know in detail what the People Card is, how you can make your People visiting card in Google, what are its benefits. Read the article carefully till the end so that you can understand step by step.

What is Google People Card ?

Google has launched this new feature so that people can go to Google search and create their own visiting card online.

People card is an online visiting card, which people can create to share their personal information

In Google search, people can highlight their website or social media profile.

The purpose of Google People Card -

Google is the world's largest search engine, it has launched a new feature of People Card so that millions of users of Google can get a new experience.

The aim of this is that freelancers, startups, new businessmen etc. can get such a platform where they can share their essential information with millions of people at one place.

Benefits and features of Google People Card -

  • Do you also want that your name appears in Google search, the name of big celebrities is easily visible in Google search, but this dream of common man remains. Now Google is going to fulfill this dream of yours. Now with the arrival of People Card, anyone can get your information by searching your name in Google, as well as you can also search for any person whose people card is made, by searching in Google.

  • People card is also being made completely secure, the person who wants to share information will share it with people. Without your permission, no information can be shared with anyone.

  • People can share information on their own website, social media link, their mobile number or address through People Card.

  • Many people in India have beans, a common name, in such a situation, the Google People virtual card is very useful and important. With this, people can easily understand different information online.

  • The population of India is very large, there are many people of the same name, surname. Keeping all these things in mind, Google has created the People Card and has added many features to it.

  • Any person living in India can make only one people card, option of multiple card is not here. This feature has been kept for safety and transparency.

  • After applying for the card, Google will thoroughly investigate the information of that person. That card will come on the online platform only when all the information in the investigation is correct.

  • In future, if someone wants to completely delete this people visiting card, then Google has also given this option to him. A person can delete a People Card whenever he wants.

  • Google has clarified that the people card has been launched in India only in English language. In the coming times, Google can also launch it in different languages.

Who can make a People Card?

  • This service has been started mainly by Google search engine, so it is clear from Google that it is mandatory for people to have an account in Google to take advantage of it. The person who has Gmail ID will be able to create and use this people visiting card online.

  • It will be mandatory for people to enter their mobile number, so this service is only for the mobile user. By entering the mobile number, people will be able to manage the profile by logging into their Google account.

  • People card can be made only by people living in India.

  • People card can only be made by Android, iPhone or iPad mobile users.

  • It is mandatory to have English language selection in your mobile.

  • It is mandatory to have web and mobile app activity on your account.

What information is required to make a People Card -

  • People need to share some of their personal information, such as their business information, address, location, your photo, etc., to make a People Card. It is important to give all this information accurately because by this you will be able to separate from people of the same name.

  • People will have the option in Google People card that they can also share their education, contact information, social media links in it.

  • Google has also put an option to update or delete the profile in order to give good convenience to the people. In future, people will also be able to edit, update their information.

How to make Google People Card -

It is very easy to create Google People visiting card, BS it is necessary that the user has an account with Google.

If you want to create a People Card, first create your Gmail ID in Google.

  • To create a Google People card, first you need to log into Google Chrome. Then you open the google.com link.

  • Here in the search box, you type "Enter me to search" and enter. Now click the first link that will come.

  • A new page will open, where you can see the photo of your Gmail account. Here you have to enter mobile number. After intercepting it, the 6-digit OTP will come on your mobile number.

  • Now you submit this OTP by submitting it here. Now here you enter your information that you want to share with others.

  • Here you have to give information about your business, company name, address, education. After filling the information correctly, you can also see it by previewing it. Once everything is correct, you submit it.

  • After checking, your People card will be issued and people will be able to search you online in Google search engine.

How to search people card -

When people search to search information of people through a People Card, then they will see a module.

People will see information on tapping it. If there are similar names, many modules will appear,

in which more information will be seen apart from the name, which will make it easy to differentiate it.

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