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National Highways in India | Name, States through, Length

National highway in India  Along with increasing the facilities of traffic and traffic, state roads have been made to connect different states.

The agency which is handled by the very large network of National Highways in India is the Central Government of India.

Roads make our lives smooth. This road is mainly of 2 lanes. By June 2016, more than 10,00,087 km of national highways had been targeted to increase these stateways by at least 1,000 km, as well as to connect it to all major cities and state capitals. Of these, 26,200 km have been connected with 2 lanes and at least 50,000 km with 4 lanes.

The Government of India, since 2017, is committed to construct 30 km in the country every day, which is 11,000 km of highways in a year.

Also, cement and concrete will be used instead of bitumen in new construction, due to which the highways will not be damaged quickly. The total national highway length in India is 70,548 km.

About National Highways in India -

The total length of road network in India is 46.90 lakh km, which is the second largest road network in the world.

The network is divided into 5 sections, which are as follows- Expressway, National Highway (NHS), State Roads (SHS), Rural Roads and others.

There are national highway grade roads in India, which we know as express highways. This highway is mostly 6 lanes. Where entry and exit are involved.

Road slips are used to control a national highway or highway. The speed on the highways is mostly uncontrolled, due to which it is dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

National highways have played a significant role in boosting economic development in the country, trade with many cities is only through highways.

There are many dhabas on the highways, which are very popular with the highway length, in which they serve the local dishes of the people there.

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National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)

It is a national agency committed to maintain the construction, upgradation of national highways. This authority is run under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

This authority uses private and public partnership models for highway development, maintenance and toll collection. The National Highway Development Project is a major effort to expand and upgrade the highway network.

National highways in India are mainly in 2 lanes, which are now being expanded to 4 lanes. Also some are being extended to 6 or more lanes.

1.7% of national highways are built in India, out of which up to 40% use road transport and carry traffic ie less construction of roads, but they are exploited which means more use than their construction which makes the roads quicker Makes it barren. About 60% of the freight is carried by road and up to 87% of the passenger traffic.

Some part of these road network is also of toll road. More than 30,000 km of new highways have been planned for the construction of NHDP in 2011, of which 26,000 km of expressways are under construction.

The government has been working since December 2014 to ensure that national highways, which were hitherto single roads, are connected with two or more street roads.

New number system for highways

From 28 April 2010, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India has adopted a new systematic number for the National Highway, it will be easier to understand the direction system.

It is divided on the basis of direction and geography. All north-south through even numbers, east-west odd numbers, major highways from north to south are indicated by single numbers or double numbers.

Triple digits are used for the main route to another source. India's second highest motor highway lane Manali highway connects Shimla to lane in Kashmir.

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Highway development in India

According to the National Highways Act 1956, private investment can also be provided for the maintenance and construction of highways.

Bypasses have been built between major cities to avoid any kind of traffic interruption or traffic. Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee launched the National Highway Development Project to upgrade the highway on a large scale, paved and 4 lane roads in four metros of North-South and East Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

Worked on building and connecting cities. Between 1997 and 2002 the tenure of the Vajpayeeji government expanded to 23,814 km of road network, which was the largest national highway construction after independence.

While 18,000 km of national highway was constructed between 2004 and 2014 by the UPA government.

Names of the 10 most popular main highways in India

There are about 228 national highways in India, of which National Highway 31, National Highway 2 and 1 are also known as Grand Trunk Road. Jawahar Tunnel is located in NH 1. NH 1 and NH 7 cross each other in Nagpur,

besides National Highway 3, National Highway 4, National Highway 5, National Highway 6, Longest National Highway 7, National Highway 8, National Highway 15, National Highway 17 is.

It is included in the list of the ten longest national highways in India, which still holds its place in the new list of 2017. This highway has been successful in connecting the big cities of the country, as well as this has made the transportation work of various states smooth.

Apart from this, the shortest national highway is NH 47A which passes through Kochi Wellington Island. It is in the state of Kerala, its length is only 6 km. NH 39 National Highway is called the lifeline of Myanmar.

List of highways of India with States through, length

Some of the national highways in India are displayed below -

Serial numberHighway nameswayStates throughTotal length
1.NH 1Delhi-Ambala- Ludhiana Amritsar- Indo PakDelhi, Haryana and Punjab456 km
2.NH 1BBatote-Doka-Kishtwar -Syamthan Pass -MineableJammu and Kashmir274 km
3.NH 1AJalandhar - Madhopur - Jammu Banihal - Srinagar Baramulla - UriPunjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir663 km
4.NH 1CDommel - KatraJammu and Kashmir8 kilometers
5.NH 1DSrinagar - Kargil - LehJammu and Kashmir422 km
6.NH 2ASikandra - BhobanipurUttar Pradesh25 km
7.NH 4ABelgaum - Anmod - Ponda - PeanjiKarnataka and Goa153 km
8.NH 4BNhava Sheva - Kalamboli - PalspeMaharashtra27 km
9.NH 5AFrom Haridaspur Pardip Port JunctionOrissa77 km
10.NH 7APalayakottai - Tuticorin PortTamil Nadu51 km
11.NH 8AAhmedabad –Limbdi –Morvi –Candla MandviGujarat473 km
12.NH 8BBambori - Rajkot - PorbandarGujarat206 km
13.NH 8CChiloda - Gandhinagar - SarkhejGujarat46 km
14.NH 8DJetpur - SomnathGujarat127 km
15.NH 8 ESomnath - BhavnagarGujarat220 km
16.NH Number NEIAhmedabad - Vadodara ExpresswayGujarat93 km
17.NH 9Pune-Solapur-Hyderabad-Vijayawada MachilipatnamMaharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh841 km
18.NH 10Delhi-Fazilka-Indo-Pak borderDelhi, Haryana, Punjab403 km
19.NH 11Agra - Jaipur - BikanerUttar Pradesh, Rajasthan582 km
20.NH 12Jabalpur - Bhopal - Khilchipur - Akrela - Jhalwar - Kota - Bundi - Devil - Tonk - JaipurMadhya Pradesh and Rajasthan890 km
21.NH 13Solapur - Chhattisgarh - Shihmong - MangaloreMaharashtra and Karnataka691 km
22.NH 14Bever-Sirohi-RadhapurRajasthan and Gujarat450 km
23.NH 15Pathankot - Amritsar - Bhatinda - Ganganagar - Bikaner - Jaisalmer - Barmer - SamkhaliPunjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat1526 km
24.NH 16Nizamabad-macharial-bhopalpatnam-jagdalpurAndhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh460 km
25.NH 17Panvel - Mahad - Paanji - Karwar - Oudupi - Surkkal - Mangalore - Kannanore - Kozhikode - Farokh - Padu - Ponnami - Chhot - KannurMaharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala1269 km
26.NH 24Delhi-Moradabad-Bareilly-LucknowDelhi and Uttar Pradesh438 km
27.NH 39Namuligarh-Imphal-Palele-Indo Burma BorderAssam, Nagaland and Manipur436 km
28.NH 43Raipur - Jagdalpur - VizianagaramChhattisgarh, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh551 km
29.NH 44Shillong - Passi - Badarpur - Agartala - SabroomMeghalaya, Assam and Tripura630 km
30.NH 45Chennai - Tambram - Tindivanam Villupuram - Triuchilapalli - Manapparai - Dindigul - Periyakulam - TheniTamil Nadu472 km
31.NH 47Salem - Erode - Coimbatore - Palghat - Trichur - Ernakulam - Quilon - Trivandrum - Nagercoil - KanyakumariKerala, Tamil Nadu640 km
32.NH 54Dabka - Lumding - Silchar - Aizawl - TuipungAssam and Mizoram850 km
33.NH 58Delhi-Ghaziabad-Girut-Haridwar-Badrinath-Man PasUttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand538 km
34.NH 65Ambala - Kaithal - Hissar - Fatehpur - JodhpurHaryana and Rajasthan690 km
35.NH 75Gwalior - Jhansi - Chhatarpur - Rewa - Renukut - Garwa - Daltonganj - AllahabadMadhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand995 km
36.NH 76Pindwara - Udhaipur, Tuesday - Kota Shivpuri - Jhansi - Banda - AllahabadMadhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan1007 km
37.NH 78Katni-Shahdol-Ambikapur-Jashpurnagar-GumlaMadhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand559 km
38.NH 79Ajmer - Nasirabad - Namich - Mansadpur - IndoreMadhya Pradesh and Rajasthan500 km
39.NH 86Kanpur - Chattarpur - Sea - Bhopal DewasUttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh674 km
40.NH 200Raipur - Bilaspur - Raigarh - Canaktora - Jharasuguda - Kochinda - Devgarh - Talcher - ChadikholeOdisha and Chhattisgarh740 km
41.NH 205Anantapur - Renigunta - ChennaiAndhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu442 km
42.NH 209Dindigul - Pollachi - Palani - Coimbatore - Ananur Kollegal - BangaloreTamil Nadu and Karnataka456 km
43.NH 217Raipur - GopalpurChhattisgarh and Orissa508 km
44.NH 222Kalyan - AhmednagarMaharashtra and Andhra Pradesh610 km
45.NH 228Sabarmati Ashram - Nadiad - Anand - Beautiful - Navsari - DandiGujarat374 km

46.NH 31Barhi - Bakhtiyarpur - Mokameh - Purnea - Dalkola - Siliguri - Sevok - Koch Bihar - Uttar Salmara - Nalbari - Charili - Amin Village JunctionBihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Assam1125 km
47.NH 31ASevok - GangtokWest Bengal and Sikkim92 km
48.NH 31BUttar Salmara - Jogighopara JunctionAssam19 kilometers
49.NH 31CGalgalia - Bagh Dogra - Chalsa Nagarkata - Goerkata - Dalgaon - Hasimara - Rajbhut Khava - Kochgoan - Sidili - BinnyWest Bengal and Assam235 km
50.NH 3Agra - Gwalior - Shivpuri - Indore - Dhule - Nasik - Thane - MumbaiUttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra1161 km
51.NH 4Thane - Pune - Belgaum - Hubli - Bangalore - Caller - Chittoor - Ranipet - ChennaiMaharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu1235 km
52.NH 5Bahragora - Katak - Bhubaneswar - Visakhapatnam - Vijayawada - Guntur - Nellore - ChennaiOrissa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu1533 km
53.NH 6Hazira - Dhule - Nagpur - Raipur - Sambalpur - Behora - KolkataMaharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Gujarat1949 km
55.NH 7Varanasi - Mangwan - Rewa - Jabalpur - Lakhonds - Nagpur - Hyderabad - Kurnool Bangalore - Hosur - Krishna Giri - Dharmapuri, Salem - Namakkal - Karur - Dindigul - Madurai - Virudunagar - Trunelveli - KanyakumariUttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu2369 km
56.NH 8Delhi - Jaipur - Ajmer - Udhaipur - Ahmedabad - Vadodara - MumbaiDelhi, Haryana - Rajasthan - Gujarat and Maharashtra1428 km
57.NH 221Vijayawada - Bhadrachalam - JadalpurAndhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh329 km
58.NH 219Madanapalle – Kuppam – KrishnagiriAndhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu150 km
59.NH 218Bijapur - HubliKarnataka176 km
60.NH 210Trichy - Pudukottai - Devakottai - RamanathapuramTamil Nadu160 km
61.NH 211Solapur - Osmanabad - Aurangabad - DhuleMaharashtra400 km
62.NH 203Bhubaneshwar - CompleteOrissa59 km
63.NH 201Borigumma - Bolangir - BargarhOrissa310 km
64.NH 119Puri - Najibabad - GemrutUttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh260 km
65.NH 108Dharas - Uttarkashi - Yamanotri - DhamUttarakhand127 km
66.NH 104Chakia - Sitamarhi - Jayanagar - NihariaBihar160 km
67.NH 102Chapra - Rewaghat - MuzaffarpurBihar80 km
68.NH 93Agra - Aligarh - Babrala - Chandausi - MoradabadUttar Pradesh220 km
69.NH 35Barasat-Bangaon-Indo Bangladesh BorderWest Bengal61 km
70.NH 54ATheriat-LungieiMizoram9 kilometers
71.NH 55Siliguri - DarjeelingWest Bengal77 km
72.NH 56Lucknow-VaranasiUttar Pradesh285 km
73.NH 57Muzaffarpur - Darbhanga - Farbisganj - PurneaBihar310 km
74.NH 59Ahmedabad - Godhra - Dhar - IndoreGujarat and Madhya Pradesh350 km
75.NH 60Balasore - Kharagpur - AsansolOrissa and West Bengal305 km

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