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The life and story of Maneka from Vishwamitra's Kshatriya to becoming aBrahmin.

Maharishi Vishwamitra, one of the best sages in history, who was not a Brahmin by birth, but due to his tenacity and knowledge,

he received the title of Maharishi, with which he gained knowledge of four Vedas and knowledge of Kār. It was the first sage who understood the Gayatri mantra. 

It is said that there are only 24 gurus who know Gayatri Mantra, one of them and the first was Maharishi Vishwamitra.

The life and story of Maneka from Vishwamitra's Kshatriya to becoming a Brahmin

Vishwamitra was a Kshatriya and a beloved King Kaushik, a very powerful king by birth, but due to his persistence and penance, he received the title of Maharishi and why did he do so? 

And why did he get his education? These are very good questions about which you will read in further detail.

  • Traveling from King Kaushik to Maharishi Vishwamitra

Story of war from Maharishi Vasistha

Kaushik was a powerful and beloved Kshatriya king ages ago. He was the grandson of a king named Kusha. Kushnabar was one of the four children of King Kusha,

who received a son named Kadhi through the Putrakameshthi Yajna. Kaushik was the child of the same king Kadhi. Kaushik was a great king and the people were happy under his patronage.

King Kaushik often used to go among his subjects. Once on the way towards the forest with his huge army, he had the ashram of Maharishi Vasistha where he stopped and met the Maharishi. 

Guru Vashistha gave very good hospitality to King Kaushik and also fed his huge army with food. Seeing this, King Kaushik wondered how a Brahmin could feed such a huge army with such delicious dishes. 

To calm his curiosity, he questioned Guru Vashist - O Guruvar! I am curious to know how you have arranged such a delicious meal for my huge army. 

Then Guru Vashistha said - O Rajan! I have my Nandini cow which is the calf of Kamdhenu Gaya of heaven, which was given to me by Indra himself. 

My Nandni can nurture many lives. Knowing about Nandni, a desire arose in King Kaushik's mind and he said - O Guruvar! 

I want your nondisclosure to take as much money as you want from me. Guru Vashistha pleaded with folded hands - O Rajan! Nandani is very dear to me, she has always been with me,

I talk to me, I cannot afford my Nandni, she is dear to me. King Kaushik considers this to be disrespect and in anger, orders the army to snatch Nandni from the Guru by force. 

On getting the order, the soldiers try to grab Nandani, but Nandani was not an ordinary cow, she takes orders from her foster guru Vasistha and demolishes the huge army of the king with the power of her yoga maya and brings the king captive in front of Vasishtha.

Makes it stand. Vashistha gets angry with the destruction of his army and attacks Guru Vashistha, Guru Vashistha gets angry and curses everyone except one son of the king and consumes him. Kaushik,

saddened by this end of his son, goes to the Himalayas for penance handed over to his one son and he pleases Lord Shiva with hard penance in the Himalayas. 

Lord Shiva appears and asks the king to ask for a boon. Then King Kaushik asks Shiv ji for knowledge of all the divyastras. Lord Shiva adorns them with all weapons.

Having full knowledge of archery, King Kaushik again attacks Vashistha to avenge the death of his sons and a fierce battle ensues from both sides. 

Vashistha destroys every weapon left by the king. In the end, they get angry and use Brahmastra on Kaushik due to which intense flame starts to rise all around, then all the gods request Vashishtha ji to get their Brahmastra back. 

They have won with Kaushik, so they protect the Earth from this Brahmastra. Vashishtha calms down for everyone's request and protection, withdraws Brahmastra. Due to the defeat of Vashistha, Kaushik is deeply hurt by the king's mind, they understand that the external power of a Kshatriya is nothing in front of the power of yoga of a Brahmin,

so they decide that they will attain brahmacharya through their penance. And they will become superior to Vasishtha and they go south and start their penance,

in which they sacrifice food and spread their life on fruits. His hard penance gives him the rank of Rajshree. Kaushik was still unhappy as he was not satisfied.

  • Vishwamitra created the new heaven:

Hung was a king, he wished that he was known to heaven with his body which did not conform to the rules of the background. For this, Hung went to Vashistha but he decided not to go against Niyamo and Hung had to return empty handed. 

Then Trisanku went to Vashistha's sons and stated his wish, then the sons were angry and cursed him to become Chandal because they considered it an insult to their father. Still Hung hung and did not go to Vishwamitra. 

Then Vishwamitra pledged to fulfill his wish for which he organized a yajna and sent an invitation to many Brahmins, including Vashistha's son. The sons of Vashistha despised the yajna. They said - We will not be part of such a yajna in which for Chandal and is being performed by a Kshatriya priest. 

Listening to his words, Vishwamitra cursed them and Vashistha's sons died. Seeing all this, all the others became frightened and became part of the yagya. The Yajna was completed after which the gods were invoked but the gods did not come, then Vishwamitra got angry and on the strength of his tenacity sent Trishanku with the body to heaven,

but Indra returned him saying that he is cursed so in heaven Are not habitable. When Vishnu's body remained in the middle, Vishwamitra created a new heaven and Sapta Rishi for Hung to fulfill his promise. With this, the gods were seen to be shaking their power, then they prayed to Vishwamitra. Then Vishwamitra said that I have done all this to fulfill my promise. From now on, Hung will live in this constellation and there will be no harm to the power of the gods.

After this Vishwamitra wanted to fulfill his desire to become a brahmarshi again and again engaged in penance. Heat the hardest. Stop breathing and do penance. His body began to burn more than the sun and he got victory over his anger, when Brahmaji gave him the post of Brahmarshi and then Vishwamitra also gained knowledge of 7 from him and came to know Gayatri Mantra.

After this difficult meditation, Vashistha also embraced him and accepted him as a Brahmin. And after that, he got the name of Maharishi Vishwamitra from Kaushik.

  • Indra sent Maneka to break his tenacity:

When Vishwamitra was engaged in spiritual practice. Then Indra felt that he would ask for Indra Loka in blessing, so he sent the Apsara of heaven to disturb Vishwamitra's penance, because Maneka was very beautiful, like Vishwamitra, Yogi also lost in front of him and fell in love with him. Maneka also fell in love with Vishwamitra. 

Both were together for years, when their child Shakuntala was born, but when Vishwamitra came to know that Maneka is the nymph of heaven and sent by Indra, then Vishwamitra cursed Maneka. The daughter of both of them grew up on earth and later they were married to King Dushyant, and the name of the country was given to India in the name of Bharata, their child.

  • Vishwamitra and Rama:

Vishwamitra had renounced the weapons, so he could not fight with the demonic Tadka himself, so he brought Lord Rama to Janakpuri from Ayodhya and killed Tadka.

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